Know Your Worth and Walk in Who You Are!

Hello again! I just realized its 5 in the morning and I have slept yet. Been battling insomnia for two months now, which is actually part to the reason for this post. You see, I just watched a couple documentaries, while hoping the Sandman will stop by sprinkle a little dust my way. No such luck yet. Anywho, back to the documentaries. The first was of Billy Holiday and her life (not the life from the Biography that she had no part in writing or even dictating). It discussed her singing career and acquaintances and how she was most comfortable hanging out with the band discussing life, what its really about. It spoke of her love for music, performing and being in front of her fans. It also, touched on the troubles before her death and her last record. She loved her fans and preforming, but ultimately, died surrounded by bad media not knowing how much her true fans and friends loved her.

The second documentary was Dr. Nina Simone. She was and still is such a strong and amazing woman. She also loved her fans, but didn't let the media and others define who she was. Even in the interview she was sharp and stood her ground. At one point, the interviewer said, "Life hasn't been kind to you." Dr. Simone said, "Wait a minute. I've had a good life." She went on to explain it may not have been perfect, but it was a very good life and she couldn't complain. She did say she always wanted to perform, but her first choice wasn't as singer. She worked with what she was given, and despite the racism and odds against her, she still accomplished her goal. She put her all into every live performance to give her fans a great show. However, she never let the hatred of racism stop her. Why, because she truly knew her worth. She knew what she was capable of and she accomplished it. Love them or hate them they both left there mark on the world, however, the world left a bigger mark on them.

So what's my point? Now this is going to sound likes its completely from left field but its not, just stick with me. Growing up in the church, I have heard several times, write the vision and make it plain, make a list of what you want and put it on your vision board, know your worth. It may not sound like these are not connected, but they are (at least for me). You see, I am in the process of restarting a business. I have a passion for food and sharing it with others. I did write the vision, but I'm not quite sure how plain it was. I also know my worth. However, this time around I got talked into doing YouTube videos to promote my branding.

Now, while its important to be concerned for your customers and their opinions, I realized tonight I am already questioning my worth. So I did I really know it to begin with? "Can I really do this?" "Will they like me?" Will anyone watch my videos?" "What will they think?" If I knew my worth, when I wrote the vision (my business plan) that should be it. I should have been secure enough in my abilities. Your business plan is your road map. There is nothing wrong with being flexible (flexibility is one key to a successful business), but if keep you changing direction because of what you think others think, you will eventually be lost. Not getting a lot of views right off the bat convinced me something was wrong with my plan. I started out doing internationally inspired dishes, but I was ready to make my next video 'Gravy Smothered Pork Chops'. Why? Because its a safe bet. Not too international, huh?

I know who I am and what I am capable of. I may never be a Dr. Nina Simone, but I strive for that level of strength and unwavering commitment. That level of self awareness, focused on the end goal knowing that I am capable of obtaining my hearts desire, my vision. What's your vision, where does your passion? Don't just chase your dream, make it happen and bring it to fruition. I believe we all have a purpose. I'm no bible scholar but it think it says something about your passion/vision being the path to your success. I don't know who said it but I hear it often "know your worth and walk in who you are." You got this! Because at the end of the day, when its all said and done, what others thought of you doesn't matter (everyone has an opinion and you cant satisfy them all). Its what you think of yourself.

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