Dream Town!

The destination this weekend (or actually last weekend - I'm a little late) was Edenton, NC. Now are we starting to see a pattern? I realize my last blog was New Bern, but I thought both of these destinations would be a great start. People usually head straight for Wilmington (which has recently undergone a very nice makeover by the way). I thought with Covid still lurking destinations near the Crystal Coast would offer breathtaking views while still enabling visitors to practice safe distancing, yet still able to experience that down home hospitality.

So, Edenton (also called a Dream Town), was named after Governor Charles Eden and was the first capitol of NC, go figure. There is a delightful Trolley Tour but call to see if its running. Best of all there is a beautiful Bed & Breakfast right on the water with a beautiful view. The Bed & Breakfast is less than a block from downtown and everything is within walking distance.

Now I have read about Edenton and I have heard about Edenton so this was the perfect time to experience Edenton and experience I did. The trip out there was quite peaceful open road, very little traffic, what more could you ask for? After turning off the highway, onto the main road we passed a couple restaurants next to a waterway with boats parked outside (pictures below). Now I don't personally own a boat, but this had me thinking maybe I should. It was so quaint. Anywho, we drove through downtown lined with a variety of shops (one was a wine shop with all types of goodies), again, pictures below. I headed straight to the bay/cove. This it the perfect place for a family outting! The visitors center is around the corner and best of all A LIGHTHOUSE! {Sidenote: I'm a lighthouse freak!}. There were a couple people fishing from the riverwalk area. For families, there is also a playground and picnic area with grills!

I can't say enough about the area, its a really peaceful place to spend a day or a weekend. It's also wonderful day trip for a family. It's even a nice sneak a way trip for those times when you want to just take a drive to think or re-evaluate. Please, take the drive, it's worth every mile.

If you would like more information on this historical hidden gem visit: https://www.visitedenton.com/landing-about.php

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