Tis the Season....for planting!!!

Hello again! So this week will be a short post with pics to follow. The picture above is the garden of Anne Spencer, a famous poet from Lynchburg, VA. I love fresh veggies and it dawned on me that I hadn't created an herb garden yet. So being the DIY individual I am I have decided to make a couple herb boxes for the front yard and a veggie box in the back. Now in North Carolina, some start planting around the end of March. I have put this off several times because mother nature couldn't seem to make up her mind. I think it is officially Spring/Summer/Monsoon (if you live in Eastern Carolina). That being said I am ready to plant, albeit a little late. So stay tuned for pics of the veggie and herb boxes hopefully coming next week!

#veggies #freshveggies #herbs #herbboxes

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